Stream Session A: Taking Your Business Global On Amazon – Everything You Need To Know

If you haven’t already thought it about it, now is the time to plan and execute your overseas expansion. With marketplaces like Amazon with FBA, it’s now easier than ever before to venture into new markets like the US. However, when barriers to entry drop that means more competition. Product you may be making good margins on here in Australia may not be profitable in the US market and therefore you need to make sure you have strong plan of attack before committing to sell overseas.

Likewise with Amazon opening up the doors to Australia we will soon see more competition, so if you wish to compete you’ll need to grow your sales via international sales to improve your margins.

This talk will cover:

  • Why sell overseas?
  • What countries and marketplaces should I sell in?
  • Will your product sell and make profit?
  • Shipping to and within the US – FBA or FBM
  • The fun stuff like tax, company setup, bank account, trademarking, and product liability
Edward Wiley