Stream Session B: Facebook Messenger for Commerce: 5 Ways Chatbots Can Improve Sales and Increase Revenue

Messenger chatbots help eCommerce merchants improve their customer experience and, ultimately, their performances. Today’s consumers are no longer satisfied with being talked to. Instead, they want to talk with brands.

This is what makes Facebook Messenger marketing so powerful, it taps into a channel that 1+ billion people are using… and you can automate, personalize and scale communication in a way that people begin to better know, like and trust your business.

In this special session you will get an execution blueprint and strategy.

We will cover:
– Why Bots matter and where they fit in your eCommerce business
– How to build massive top of the funnel lists using bots
– Using Messenger to retarget and monetize site visitors

Brands that utilize messenger to communicate with their prospects and customers will win!

John Lawson