Stream Session E: What Great Brands Do, That You Can Too…

Every business owner today is challenged by two new paradigms:
1: We all face unprecedented competition from all corners of the globe.
2: Empowered by the internet, our prospects have never had so much choice.

Thinking about these two disturbing realities, it’s apparent that the holy grail for businesses who want to grow and prosper, is establishing a meaningful “point-of-difference.” And thats certainly what the world’s greatest brand do very well.

In this refreshingly unique and positive presentation by Peter Engelhardt, you’ll discover exactly how they find their point-of-difference and go on to establish such successful brands. He will present a simple and inspiring seven step process you can use to stand apart from your competitors and enjoy long-term success, even in today’s challenging business climate.

Based on the same strategies the world’s leading brands leverage to dominate their industries, you’ll discover how to transform your thinking from running a business to growing a brand and take it to a new level.

In less than one hour Peter will completely demystify Brand Strategy, one of the most powerful but underutilized and misunderstood business disciplines, and show you how you can create your own.

You will learn:
A simple concept that separates all business from the world’s leading brands, and is most likely holding you back.

The seven steps every great brand implements to establish their point-of-difference, and how to apply them to your business.

How to embrace strategic thinking and shift from running a business to building a brand you can be proud of.… and most importantly, you’ll leave with a new felt passion and excitement for what’s possible.

Peter Engelhardt