The Tools, Metrics & Resources That Every Smart Ecommerce Entrepreneur Should Be Using.

From 22 years of advising on hundreds of internet businesses big and small, Jim distills the key factors that separate explosive growers from the ones that croak.

You will learn:

  • How your “OPR” will forever change the way you grow your business from Google’s Free and Paid traffic
  • 5 Free and cheap tools you can use right now to that will reduce stress and make it easier to build your business
  • How to determine your true opportunities for growth and where you should be investing your time and money
  • The key metrics you can use right now to give you a true snapshot of your business and growth
  • The 3 biggest shifts that you can make right now to turn from busy into real progress
  • How borrowing the right experience can be one of the highest yielding investments in your business