When Black Hats Attack: Teaching Sellers to Defend Their Amazon Accounts and Brands

We’ll show sellers how to prepare and protect themselves from competitor sabotage. We’ll talk about tactics that less sophisticated sellers use to attack each other and cover how third-party services launch attacks on a competing seller’s behalf. We will teach sellers to:

Identify potential attacks as they happen and react quickly to limit the damage
Keep up with trends on black hat tactics, including methods and companies or services associated with the various forms of attack
Learn which teams at Amazon reliably investigate and research anti-competitive behavior by black hat sellers and services and how to communicate with them
Answer questions like: should fake infringement claims be handled the same as fake safety complaints? How do you cope with authenticity complaints against your own brand?
Develop an SOP for employees — how to detect competitor attacks, and how to write reports to Amazon abuse and policy teams to counter them
We’ll address how best to correct listing changes to fix fake contributions and reverse listing hijacking. We’ll cover current tactics sellers use who find Vendor Central loopholes
How to leverage Brand Registry to protect your listings, even if you’re not a brand owner