Workshop 3: Global ECommerce Leaders vs. Laggards – A Practical Look at What Leading Retailers Are Doing to Succeed Globally

Based on an in-depth study from Getting to Global and the GRIN network, successful global retailers share two qualities:

  1. they have developed a clear process around understanding the consumer journey in countries they do business (localization) and
  2. they have a culture of open innovation/collaboration.

Join Joshua Halpern, Executive Director of the Getting to Global Initiative and GRIN network founder Carl Miller as they share practical options to leading localization techniques and a common platform used by retailers to explore models of open innovation.

This interactive discussion will use real world examples from leading retailers to learn more about what is necessary to succeed in their global journey. Joshua and Carl will take the stage to facilitate a collaborative workshop to help companies understand how to develop their global eCommerce business.

Participants will learn how marketing, financing and culture can influence their global business from real world case studies of what leading companies are doing to successfully expand globally.