Workshop 4: eBay Masterclass – How To Really Win On eBay

Attracting 11 million visitors every month, and with now over 40,000 sellers, is unquestionably Australia’s largest shopping destination. With its low barriers to entry, pay-as-you-sell model, and instant exposure to international markets, Australia’s top retailers agree eBay is a very attractive place to build a business! That all adds up to a lot of competition for you. Selling online is often more challenging than most people expect. It pays to develop good habits early on.

Being found online is only half the battle. Getting customers to actually buy is the real prize and there are some tricks to achieving this. Run by Tim Davies, former Manager Seller Education Manager at eBay and President of the Professional Ebay Sellers Alliance, this masterclass is a rare opportunity to peek under the eBay hood, and identify where your energy is best focused to boost sales. You’ll be inspired and empowered by “Mr. eBay” Tim Davies as he shares “silver bullet” strategies for winning on eBay, whether you’ve been trading on eBay for years, or you’re just starting out.

Here’s what you will learn:

  • How eBay is using data and how it can help you
  • How and why you should become a Top-Rated Seller
  • How customer service impacts your sales
  • Clever pricing strategies that really work
  • Extending your reach beyond eBay search
  • How to avoid transaction defects
  • Delivery strategies that can make or break you
  • What is your customer experience and why should you care
  • How does eBay rate compared to other marketplaces in Australia

And lots more!