Workshop 5: Facebook For Commerce: ColderICE Social Certification Workshop

1.37 billion people log onto Facebook daily and those are YOUR customers and prospects. You realize that using Facebook is important to business success and growth. But actually doing the marketing work is a whole other story. 

Despite its widespread usage, many businesses report that their efforts aren’t as effective as they would like it to be on the platform. As a matter of fact, a recent survey of over 3,700 businesses revealed that only 45% felt their efforts on Facebook were actually working!

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a certified digital marketing expert walk step-by-step past the confusion and help you and your team put it all together, so you can start seeing results? What you need is to understand the strategies and best practices that work. You need a detailed break down of the major components of Facebook marketing. This workshop will give attendees actionable best practices so you know exactly what to do next when you leave the workshop classroom. This engaging workshop is led by world renown E-commerce thought leader and personal branding guru John Lawson. Author of the #1 best selling book “Kick Ass Social Commerce for E-prenuers,” a Cognitive College adjunct professor and he is celebrated as one of the Top 100 Small Business Influencers in America. Successful completion of this 4-hour certified workshop will give you the skills for claiming your stake in the world of Facebook marketing.

Topics covered:

Your Business Presence on Facebook

  • Building your Presence on Facebook and Instagram
  • Increasing traffic, engagement and sales
  • Telling your brand story
  • Audience measurement tools
  • Unlocking insights that matter
  • Best Practices

Instagram for Business

  • Building a Mobile Presence with IG
  • Instagram Ads
  • Inspiring Action
  • Building a Following
  • Optimization and Analytics

Facebook Advertising

  • Advertising Basic
  • Targeting Your Audience
  • Ad Formats and Placements
  • Direct Response & Brand Advertising
  • Measure & Optimize

Using Messenger to Connect and Communicate

  • Increasing traffic, engagement and sales
  • Telling your brand story
  • Audience measurement tools
  • Unlocking insights that matter

The benefits of this certification training will help you:

  • Save Time – Learning things yourself “the hard way” often means months even years of unfruitful efforts. That is a LARGE price to pay.  To use time in a more fruitful way, hands-on workshops are one of the best ways to transfer knowledge.
  • Increased Reach – with your content and creatives optimized, traffic and visibility can be gained with little or no extra effort, your opportunity to gain engagement multiplies! 
  • Improved Understanding of Facebook Tools –  get a better understanding of the tools help you to reach your customer base to create more targeted and relevant products and services.
  • Track Trends & Buzz – Learn all the tools and analytics to track spikes and identify trends. Learn how to monitor the pulse of your target audience.
  • Competitive Intelligence – see what’s working for your counterparts and competition and compare and contrast trends with your own.
  • Share the Intelligence – send and share data with colleagues and throughout the enterprise.