Workshop 6: Growth Focused Email In 2018 – Retail Email Marketing Masterclass

Design, Funnels, Personalisation, Segmentation & AI: Research has shown that “when it comes to attracting new customers – email works almost 40 times better than Facebook and Twitter combined”. Not only that, but people are 3 times more likely to make a purchase (and spend more) when they click on links in emails, compared to social media. This workshop will dive deep into understanding where you’re at right now with your email and give you the tools & strategies to run a growth focused, sales generating email marketing program that will satisfy and delight your subscribers and customers.

Survey says Last years attendees rated it: 10/10

Testimonial from last year: “I got a huge amount out of the Retail Global 2017 Email Marketing workshop due to the Alita first establishing upfront what was the audience’s expectation of the session. She then tailored the content to suit the audience which absolutely hit the mark for everyone. There were elements where I was familiar with the content but still great reinforcement to say my team are doing email marketing right!! Well done.” – Leeann Ellison, National Marketing Manager

WORKSHOP OUTCOMES Upon completion of this Retail email marketing masterclass participants should be able to:

  • Identify the gaps and opportunities in your existing email marketing strategy
  • Integrate email campaigns into other channels incl Social Media, Messenger, Ad’s and Search
  • Understand how to boost your open, click, conversion and revenue rates from email

WHO SHOULD ATTEND? Whether you’ve played with email marketing or are experienced in this channel, this workshop is designed specifically for retailers at all levels of email maturity. This is a hands-on practical workshop, designed to help growth focused marketers and business owners redefine their email marketing strategy, reduce the time spent marketing with the goal of boosting results and delighting customers. All strategies apply to the success of onlines most profitable channel! If you sell anything online or in-store this workshop will open the doors to hidden profits laying in your customer and subscriber base. Spaces are strictly limited to this Workshop due to the personalised strategy development. If you’re a CEO, Marketing Manager or Business Owner, this workshop is a must attend.  This workshop has sold out every year at Retail Global! Get in quick!