Workshop: How to Use crowdsourcing to launch a successful private label brand

Rewards-based crowdfunding has been a powerful driver for brands for nearly a decade, but statistics show that only one one in three companies are successfully funded. Since new laws passed in 2016, equity crowdfunding campaigns are also exploding and brands are scrambling to raise funds across the plethora of new equity-based platforms now available.

But huge challenges exist.

Raising money from the crowd requires a specific formula that balances attraction to your page and engagement once users are there. It’s a strategic combination of messaging, perks, and value that are required to galvanize your audience to invest in your brand or buy your product.

 This workshop is designed to help business owners harness the power of the crowd by bringing together top industry experts to share their trade secrets and industry experience. Our mission is to provide hands-on practical feedback that will help anyone interested in raising funds know the steps required to be successful.

 You can expect answers to the following questions (and more!):

  • Which type of crowdfunding is best for your brand
  • Which perks work best

  • How to grow your audience before your raise

  • Five most important things your video needs to include

  • The difference between owed, paid, and earned media

Crowdlight, powered by Lemonlight, is a full service Crowdfunding Agency that offers brands of all sizes the opportunity to participate in rewards-based, equity-based, and debt-based crowdfunding. Crowdlight has successfully raised over $15M for their clients across a multitude of different platforms, including Indiegogo, Kickstarter, WeFunder, StartEngine, and many others.