Workshop – When Black Hats Attack: Defending Your Amazon Business

Are you prepared to protect yourself from competitor sabotage? What will you do to negate and remedy their impact when black hats come at you? When it happens, your ability to quickly detect and react are crucial to limit the damage. We’ll show you how to communicate with the Amazon teams that investigate and research anti-competitive behavior, you can take permanent action against those bad actors. Get detailed defense strategies against tactics attacks by sellers as well as attacks launched by third-party services on a seller’s behalf.

Key Takeaways
• Know the latest black hat tactics and what types of companies or services are most associated with the various methods of attack.
• Identify potential attacks as they happen and react quickly to limit the damage.
• Get the answers you need to defend yourself the right way. (e.g., Should fake infringement claims be handled the same as fake safety complaints? How should sellers cope with authenticity complaints against their own brand?)
• Correct listing changes to fix fake contributions and reverse listing hijacking.
• Develop an SOP for employees to detect competitor attacks and write reports to Amazon abuse and policy teams. to counter them