Bob Schwartz

Bob Schwartz is a successful serial company builder & leader of technology and consumer-facing commerce companies. He has created over $1Billion+ in value and exists for shareholders and founders, and series of companies today worth $100’s millions, and two valued well over the $1B mark.
He is an experienced & passionate leader, advisor and board member who deeply understands the critical importance of product, brand, mission and culture to build a truly successful valued company. Bob sees his life not as a ‘career’ but rather as a series of ‘projects to build’ successful technology or technology enabled companies.
Highlights include: President of Magento, the dominate eCommerce platform company powering over 30% of the global ecommerce sites & a massive global ecosystem (Sold ’18 to Adobe $1.7B); Founding GM of, where he scaled and spun-off as a separate company (and rolled back) w revenues in excess of $7B/yr; LiveBid President, repositioning the company and selling to Amazon; and numerous other roles serving as Interim CEO/President, Board & active Advisor.
Bob is Managing Partner of 47B, a portfolio approach firm building value in growth stage commerce brand & technology capability companies. Portfolio companies include: Wpromote – 350 person leading digital agency; Temando – Shipping technology platform; ONEHOPE Wine – top 100 wine brand w unique model leverage tech. Consulting advisory clients include: Universal Music Global; Klipsch; JD Powers; American Diabetes.
Bob is Co-Chairman of DC based non-profit that delivers over $400M/yr in goods to non-profits.
He started his career in technology as a self-taught programmer in the early 90’s & created the first on-line registration application & sold PC’s online via Prodigy, pre-internet.

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