David Kosciusko

Dave is an e-commerce serial entrepreneur selling on multiple platforms. After going bankrupt in 2012, he needed to find a new way to give his family a fresh start. That’s when he got his business started on eBay. He and his wife would search yard sales for designer purses to re-sell on eBay. It didn’t take long to realize that they needed to expand, and that’s when he started selling cell phones and electronics. In the past 6 years his business on eBay has sold nearly $2,000,000. Dave is the is the CEO and founder of his company iBuy4resale.Inc that has now grown to over $1,000,000/yr in less than 5 years.

Dave is a firm believer in social media. His YouTube channel, https://www.youtube.com/winatlifewithdave has over 16,500 subscribers & nearly a millilon minutes watched per month on how to make money on eBay. He has taught thousands of others in the last 2 years how to successfully make money on eBay. His Facebook group, https://www.facebook.com/groups/490025401207504/, Ebay Phone Flipping Mastermind, has 11,000 members, and he has over 9,000 personal Facebook followers. In addition, he has over 7,000 Instagram followers.

  • Company:eBay
  • Short Bio:Phone Flipping
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