Duncan Peters

My passion is connecting entrepreneurs in order to make the journey as easy and accessible as possible!

I was lucky and was trained early by one of London’s finest B2B coaches. The best mentor I could have asked for. I spent a year selling to, training, and coaching Owners and CEOs in business.

At 21 I caught the entrepreneurial bug and, started my first e-commerce site in the adult entertainment world, still around today. I then spent 6 months playing around with Online marketing ventures, authored and published books, started a few Online stores and found an interest in automated marketing.

In 2012 I went to the US to spend time with some of the world’s finest young marketers, another incredible mentor and friend. I started eRiple to connect entrepreneurs and provide community to accelerate the learning curve and support the next big innovators of our generation.

I occasionally consult and share the 3 year marketing head start that living in the States has given me.

  • Short Bio:Amazon Seller
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