Erin Taylor

Erin Taylor is a founder and leader of multiple companies with several brands across various industries such as hospitality, real estate and apparel.

With over 20 years experience, Erin has also held leadership positions and as a consultant advised companies of several industries including higher education, finance and insurance.

Through first hand experiencing the struggle of the solo-entrepreneur, Erin has found the mission of Empowery to be the solution to so many of our issues: now we have a common voice, buying power of a much large organization, and a united voice in Amazon matters. Erin has made it her passion to spread this message to other entrepreneurs, especially female business owners.

In her free time, Erin enjoys traveling the world and is a certified chef and sommelier. She is currently on the search for the world’s best spicy tuna roll and Syrah.

  • Short Bio:Founder of multiple companies
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