Grant Arnott

Click Frenzy, the online sales event that changed the landscape of Australian eCommerce in 2012. When launched on October 10th Click Frenzy had nothing; no site, no retailers, no marketing, no consumers; come the 20th of November over 200 retailers presented their deals and nearly 2 million consumers logged on in the 24 hours of the promotion. We all think we know what happened next –hear the inside story of the Click Frenzy experience. What was learned and what is planned for 2013. Click Frenzy is now the annual retail event for the Australian online industry and all online businesses need to leverage from the event.

Grant is also the current editor of Power Retail, Australia’s news and information resource for online and multichannel retailers, he is a past editor of Marketing magazine, contributor to countless Australian business publications and a member of the judging panel for the Online Retail Industry Awards.

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