KJ Robinson

KJ Robinson

KJ Robinson is CEO and President of JAKAB Solutions, Inc. KJ’s dynamic and visionary leadership has led the way for JAKAB Solutions to become a world leader in its category and has helped his company to garner worldwide accolades, media endorsements, and national awards in the process. In addition to mastering the intellectual property maze – garnering patents and Trademarks in their first 2 years of business, KJ has proven himself to be highly skilled in international trade, product design, branding, marketing, media promotions, and web strategies. KJ now teaches others around the world how to implement some of the same strategies he has developed to make JAKAB Solutions a market leader.

Before founding JAKAB Solutions, KJ was a proven leader in the Banking industry with over 17 years of successful experience. KJ, before leaving the banking industry, led the Business and Commercial Banking teams for Bank of America Merchant Services as EVP.  His teams consistently produced record breaking revenue numbers. KJ is gifted in helping to create winning teams that greatly increase client retention and satisfaction, while also obtaining unprecedented results in portfolio growth and new business development. KJ has successfully used the significant successful experiences in the financial and technology industries to help create a vibrant online and wholesale business.

KJ received his Bachelors degree from Southern University and attended graduate school at Andrews University and Law School at the University of Tulsa.

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