Nejc Volarič

Nejc Volarič is an entrepreneur from Slovenia. He started his own company in december of 2012, after undergraduate study of Economics and post-graduate study of Psychotherapy. He was a professional wedding photographer for 2 years. During his photographic career he was developing a second business, a statistical analysis company. After reading “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”by Robert Kiyosaki he decided to quit his photography career in December of 2014, since he realized that what is doing is only a job and not a real business. He tried to build to a set up systems and scale it up. But he soon realized that it is a micro market that he is in and that some huge success will be impossible. At the end of 2015 he quit his business actively. He setup systems and outsourced it to his employees, so it brings him passive income and enough time to start something new.

With some capital in his bank account, he actively started researching selling on Amazon. There was an ASM course that catched his attention and he decided to go for it. He spent countless hours reading articles, listening to podcasts and of course, following an ASM course. He spend a lot of time researching products and perfecting the product itself, which he sourced from China. It was a kitchen knife, which he ordered 500 pieces. After 3 months the products was finally on the shelves of, with perfected listing, reviews, keywords, etc. But unfortunately it did not go as he thought it would. He sold it slowly, but with a loss. He started to doubt the whole thing, because if so many people are doing it with this strategy, the method usually loses power. The real knowledge is elsewhere, he thought.

Than he contacted some mentors who made some huge numbers and to his surprise they were doing it directly the opposite of what everyone was saying. Not focusing on ranking, conversion and constant listing optimization, but rather adding new products and testing. Armed with that knowledge he marched to success. He started selling in EU in May 2016 and to this day he built his business to 140.000 €/month (95% being from EU) and employed a team of people to run it and grow it to 10 million per year business.

He is now also helping other large & small brands and Amazon sellers to build their own businesses, with the help of his knowledge.

You are welcome to schedule a 15 min private Skype call with him where he shares his methods 1 on 1 and sees if he could help you with his knowledge.

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