Paul Greenberg

Paul Greenberg is an entrepreneur, cheerleader of New Retail, and a top 50 online retail expert with over 15 years’ experience in retail and technology.

Paul is highly regarded as the ‘pioneer of retail in Australia’, having co-founded the highly successful in 2004, which grew to become the single largest online-only retailer in Australia. He then went on to establish NORA, a leading not-for-profit retail association.

As the CEO and Executive Chairman of NORA, Paul is widely regarded as an industry expert known for his clarity of thought, making him a much sought after speaker at industry events. He is passionate about uplifting the spirits of retailers nationwide and looks to provide a more holistic and optimistic approach to retail in Australia.

Paul has had a successful and diverse career with a key focus on entrepreneurship and start-ups, mainly in retail and technology. His career includes directorships in commercial enterprises and charities, and investment in start-ups.

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