Event description

You are invited to participate in this live event no matter where in the world you are; if you have internet access you can attend. That’s right, register today and then enjoy engaging with us from the comfort of your own home, the office, a classroom, or even in your hotel room if you happen to be on the road when it airs.

Every year we round up the top experts of the eCommerce industry to share their thoughts and opinions on what is working THE BEST…in past years these events have been kept small, with very few invitations being sent out…this year we decided to do things a little different and grant access to anyone interested in getting ahead and staying there with an eCommerce business!

Consider this your personal invitation to join us for this spectacular event, listen to the conversations and watch the presentations from the upper echelon of the eCommerce community. Take notes on the topics that interest you and copy their blueprints for success.


Jason T. Smith

  • Thrifty Business With Jay & Nay
  • Thrifter, eBay Seller Mentor, YouTube host of Thrifty Business

Andy Slamans

  • Amazing Freedom
  • Ecommerce Brand Owner, Founder & Partner