Peter Lazea

Peter grew up in Germany and decided to move to his home country Romania at the age of 24. He quitted his jobs in Germany and worked in Romania instead for a $300 salary just to put himself in the hardest position in Europe, so he could demonstrate himself and others, that everything is possible. After 2 years of struggling with low income he started his Amazon journey (year 2015) with no prior knowledge in e-commerce or basic English, 2 little kids, no money and very little time because of his full time job. Despite these obstacles, he was very determined to succeed and to live a free life. He and his wife decided to borrow money from the bank to be able to buy the ASM course, started that course and then to fly to Las Vegas, so they could learn from the bests. After 7 months Peter quitted his job and reached 8k profit per month, which means 26 times more than his previous salary. One of his biggest desires is building a strong community of powerful entrepreneurs and creating a new world with a new system. Today Peter makes $2 million per year in sales with his Amazon business and created a program called “The Culture Of Achievement” which offers Breakthrough Amazon Mastermind Coaching and – once a year it unites sellers around the world for one of the top Amazon workshops worldwide.

  • Company:The Culture of Achievement
  • Short Bio:Amazon Seller & Co-Founder
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