Philip Jepsen

Philip Jepsen started out on Amazon running his business with multiple ineffective tools and, spending countless hours trying to figure out financials, sales trends, and inventory management. He couldn’t find a “better way”, so he set out to MAKE one.

He put together a team of talented software developers and built what he needed to run his business. For the first time, he saw the true profits from his Amazon sales. He saw exactly what was happening with the traffic and conversion rate for each of his products – and he didn’t have to hire anybody to manually do it. 100% automated!

He started to share his software, and it wasn’t long before it became a vital tool for Amazon entrepreneurs all over the world. Fast forward to today and ManageByStats is the most comprehensive single suite of tools to manage your Amazon business. Over the past 4 years, they’ve built 25 powerful tools to help increase your sales, increase your profits, and save you time selling on Amazon.

  • Company:ManageByStats
  • Short Bio:CEO
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