Rachel Tigel

From cosmetics to fashion Rachel has always enjoyed using the amalgamation of data and technology to create unique experiences for her customers. Owner of analytics, trade and strategic roadmap, Rachel seeks to create data driven cultures within broader marketing and eCommerce teams. (She’s evidently also a bit of a nerd)

Rachel started her career monetizing content on social channels and social paid media. Then turned her attention to the customer journey as a whole, redesigning and re-architecting the entire online customer journey at every state of the customer journey. Leading to exponential growth year on year with every transformation.

Rachel is a glutton for punishment and has just completed her 4th website build, with an equally passionate group of customer lovers at Forever New. Rachel loves the ability to drive customer innovation through a considered tech stack and plans to continue pioneering for years to come.

  • Company:Forever New Clothing
  • Short Bio:Senior eCommerce Manager
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