Rick Wilson

Beginning in 1999 as Director of North American Sales with the original Miva Corporation, Rick Wilson positioned the company as the most broadly distributed small business ecommerce platform of the time, with nearly 300,000 active licenses.
In 2007 Rick was part of the team which acquired Miva from its parent company, and by 2009 had orchestrated Miva’s conversion to a SaaS platform. Miva now serves both small to mid-size businesses and a growing list of enterprise level clients, together generating over $5 billion annually in online sales.
n the ensuing years, Rick’s broad grasp of the complex inner workings of ecommerce, and his keen analysis of the interplay of online marketing, web based technology platforms and back office operations have qualified him as one of only a handful of such ecommerce experts worldwide.
With over 20 years of executive-level experience, Rick has a unique vantage point on the business shift to ecommerce, asserting that business society is still very early in the transition to ecommerce, with only about 6% of retail and even less of B2B transactions currently conducted in online commerce.

  • Company:Miva
  • Short Bio:CEO
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