Event description

At Teikametrics we do things differently. EDGE is more than just a day of learning and networking. It’s about changing how you do business. It’s about giving you the right information for success. It’s about sharing the tools to create long term profit on Amazon.

We’ve all been to enormous conferences where speakers lecture you from afar. Not at EDGE. We’ve capped tickets to make sure this is a truly intimate event. We want you to be part of the event, not just an onlooker.

Don’t worry, we’re not doing 2-hour long speeches. We’ve cut out the fluff to make sure you’re always involved. You’ll participate in open Q&A sessions and live polling. Most importantly, we’re making sure you get the time to meet other amazing sellers, just like yourself.


Kevin Rizer

  • Private Label Podcast
  • Host of Private Label Movement


The Mezzanine, New York, NY, USA
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