Event description

EVOLATAM is connecting the world of suppliers, services, and brands in a way never before seen…
As the global economy relies more and more on manufacturing in Latin America, it is best done through relationships, transparency, and mutual growth!

What We Offer
We offer the opportunity to connect consumer goods manufacturers in Latin America with global buyers, and vice-versa. The world is interested in sourcing in Latin America, and EvoLatam is beginning to provide the solution.

  • Tradeshow: Connecting CPG Manufacturers, Brands,
    and Experts.
  • Education
    From the top Thought Leaders in the Industry, to vendor workshops!
  • Networking
    Meet, greet, and hang out with the top buyers and sellers around!

Archived landing page: https://archive.ph/jf3Uc


CINTERMEX Monterrey, Mexico
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