Produkte bewerben auf Amazon und anderen Kanälen: Steigern Sie Ihre Marktplatzpräsenz

• Measures on Amazon itself
• SEA: Fundamentals and application rhythms
• Actions on third-party sites
(Spiegel-Online, Facebook, other marketplaces)
• Best Seller Ads I Advertise Management
• Marketing opportunities on Amazon

External traffic for your products – targeted revenue push on Amazon
With Google & Facebook to Amazon: External traffic for your products
The competition on Amazon is becoming more numerous and stronger and PPC measures are becoming more expensive. With these clever strategies you bypass the competition on Amazon and steer external traffic with Google and Facebook Ads directly to your product.

Ronny Marx, Managing Director, Intomarkets Amazon agency


Performance Marketing with AMS & AAP – Latest Trends and Developments
Which new advertising formats will be added in 2018? Which advertising formats are opened for sellers or vendors? How can these be optimally taxed? These are the trends for 2018.

Adrian Jaroszynski, freelance consultant, former Amazon employee