The Amazon Power Couple: A Tell All Session About A Rocky Road To Multi Million Dollar Success

Amazon Australia is still in its infancy stage. For sellers, the road to success will undoubtedly be a rocky one. Those who continue down this unpaved and winding trail are destined to be the first ones to find success in a market where Amazon has pumped in millions of dollars and years of research & development. Two people who are used to traveling down rocky roads are Jing Gao & Eddie Levine. Dubbed with the nickname “The Amazon Power Couple” (yes they really are a couple), they met in several years ago at a sellers conference in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Jing & Eddie currently operate two separate multi-million dollar eCommerce businesses with a focus on the private label and wholesale models and have nearly 30 years of experience between them.

As with any business, there can be a lot of unexpected situations that arise which you as a business owner must be ready to process and efficiently resolve in order to continue to grow. During this session, Jing & Eddie will share with you some of the pitfalls that they experienced during their eCommerce journey. They will cover such topics such as product sourcing, building a brand, vendor relationships, logistics, staying compliant, and much more. If you are currently selling, or are thinking about dipping your toes in the Amazon marketplace, this is a session you do not want to miss! Come prepared with your questions, nothing (well almost nothing) is off limits!