Francesca Armstrong

Chief Operating Officer of Connoco Group and several other businesses, Francesca and her partner started their first business from their bedroom aged 21.

Across her 10-year journey from former international model to self-made businesswoman, she has employed team members across Europe, USA and Asia.

No stranger to the hard work that comes with start-ups and running your own business, they now operate in over five countries across the globe.

Francesca has started training programs across Bangladesh and other developing countries empowering young people and women, bringing them out of poverty through education and the ever-changing world of work the online doors have opened.

Her articles about women in business have also been featured in many global publications from The Guardian (UK) to the Dhaka Tribune (Bangladesh).

She’ll be telling her story about the reality of starting and running businesses, and all the challenges that come with it. From accepting who you are in a social media-driven world, to illogical legal accusations, to setting up in remote regions of the world where a woman’s voice is still not as we know it in Western society, to how going global can pay off.

  • Company:Connoco Group
  • Short Bio:Officer
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