Stefano Starkel

Online Entrepreneur leveraging Google Adwords PPC since 2011 and Amazon Seller across multiple markets since 2014, he’s the strategist and ideator behind Zon Tools engines. He has participated and presented at several high-profile Amazon “PPC” Focused masterminds and events.

An innovator in the Google Adwords space since 2011, Stefano Starkel is the strategist and algorithm designer behind Zon.Tools.

Stefano developed what became the company’s proprietary algorithm to leverage PPC keywords data exclusively for his own Amazon business, which started in 2014 and by 2018 had grown into a 10-figure enterprise.

In 2017, he made the solution available to the public in a simple SaaS interface capable of optimizing billions of search terms and keywords, connecting buyers with sellers in a variety of markets.

Now a leading Amazon advertising optimization platform, Zon.Tools helps retailers, brands and agencies all over the world grow revenue and increase profitability selling on Amazon.

Today, the Zon.Tools brand combines best-in-class technology with the deep domain expertise to offer a full suite of marketing research and automation tools geared toward elite Amazon marketers:,,,

Stefano regularly participates and presents at high-profile Amazon focused events and masterminds.

Born in Italy, Starkel enjoys traveling the world and currently lives in Mauritius—a kitesurfing mecca—where he can get his adrenaline fix on the open water.

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