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Ready to accelerate your Amazon sales to the next level?

You are invited to join Kevin King and 12 hand-selected expert Amazon tacticians from all over the world in Austin, Texas this May 20-23 at the Driskill hotel.

You and 49 other advanced elite-level Amazon Sellers will learn, network and have fun over three amazing days that will change your life and your business.

This is the Billion Dollar Seller Summit, where collectively the experienced sellers and speakers in attendance are rapidly on their way to one billion dollars in sales on Amazon.


  • Kevin King – 7 figure seller, speaker and lead mentor in Helium 10 Elite
  • Wilfried Ligthart – social media guru who got 2 billion views for $10K
  • Leo Sgovio – head of innovation for Viral Launch and algorithm expert
  • Brandon Young – 8 figure seller, product selection & chat bot Samurai
  • Howard Thai & David Da – Chinese hackers doing $20+ million annually
  • Richard Jalichadra – he & his teams have generated over $2.5 billion in sales
  • Scott Deetz – sold his biz for 8 figures, now helps others maximize value
  • Tim Jordan – 7 figure sellers and sourcing/logistics super expert
  • Abe Hanoa Ortolani – a master at launching 150+ new brands and products
  • Berenika Maciejewicz – has built & sold 9 private label brands
  • Dima Kubrak – successful Amazon seller since 2013 with lots of magic tricks
  • Stefano Starkel – 8 figure Amazon seller & master black belt PPC expert

A very limited number of participants are invited to this conference – only the top 50 sellers on Amazon, and they come from all over the world New Zealand, China, the Netherlands and many other countries.

There are a lot of events in the US for Amazon sellers, however, this one is different. Kevin focuses on the quality of presentations – he has invited 12 people who, in his opinion, are the best speakers in the field of Amazon sales. Moreover, guests invited to the conference are all highly successful sellers – they make 7 or 8 figure profit every year. The event is a great networking opportunity – because of a small number of participants, everyone will get to know each other, and there will be enough time time dedicated to networking – cocktail hours, organized social activities, such as distillery visit, barbecue event  etc.

The ticket costs 4997 USD – rather high a price for an average person, however, this is an investment that will most definitely pay off. The purpose is to bring together serious people, this is why the registration process also takes more than a few clicks – you have to fill out a detailed questionnaire and show that you really want to be there.

Speakers have been carefully selected by Kevin King himself Some of them are not well known, some are not known at all, however, this does not mean they are less knowledgeable, on the contrary – all the speakers have a lot of extremely useful information, tips and insights to share with the audience, for many of them speaking at public events is simply not their main activity. According to Kevin, they are super smart and listening to what they have to say is important to everyone who takes his/her Amazon business seriously.

This event is the first of this kind. Kevin is expecting it to become regular, he is also planning another event in August, more suitable for beginners with focus on practical work. There will be activities like workshops where participants can get more of a hands on experience. This kind of events are a great opportunity to meet people, even if you are already an experienced seller and don’t need much advice or training.

You can contact Kevin King if you have any questions on his website amzmarketer.com. He also does a few other events for Amazon sellers, such as Helium 10 Elite Mastermind, which is a monthly training of 3 – 4 hours for advanced sellers with Kevin and various guest speakers. Another course, called Freedom Ticket is for less advanced sellers of 22+ hours is done weekly.


Kevin King

  • Freedom Ticket and Helium 10 Elite Masterminds
  • Amazon Seller Mentor

Tim Jordan

  • Hickory Flats & Private Label Legion
  • CEO & Founder

Dima Kubrak

  • 8-figure Amazon seller, Founder of Sellerise and ASAP Warehouse


Driskill Hotel 604Brazos,AustinTX78701, Texas, USA
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