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ASGTG 2019: Keep Your Hand on the Pulse of the Amazon Marketplace. Advanced Amazon Sellers.

ASGTG Meetup 2018 was a smashing success! This year’s event, presented by ASGTG founder Ed Rosenberg, will be held at Kol Yaakov Hall in Brooklyn on January 30th. This all-day event connects Amazon’s top sellers with others who strive to succeed in the marketplace. Reserve your place now. Please direct your ticket requests and any other questions about ASGTG 2019 to [email protected] . We look forward to another great success this year!

ASGTG 2019: A Must-See for Every Seller

The ASGTG event started as a simple idea: Let’s connect Amazon sellers with top individuals in the field who can offer valuable advice and selling tips, for both experts and newbies. The notion seemed to resonate: ASGTG’s annual event has grown to become a widely known Amazon sellers’ conference – truly a standout among the rest.

The 5th Annual Conference in 2019 will welcome industry attendees from every background, including many of the most successful Amazon sellers on the marketplace.

About the Event

Presented by Ed Rosenberg

Attendees will have access to a full day of content in the main room, including seminars, keynote speakers and discussions by leaders in the Amazon Professional Selling and General E-commerce field. A second room will provide an all-day lavish gourmet catered buffet, sponsorship booths, as well as more valuable networking opportunities.

Archived landing page: http://archive.is/NgeKn


Kevin King

  • Freedom Ticket and Helium 10 Elite Masterminds
  • Amazon Seller Mentor

Bradley Sutton

  • Helium 10
  • Host, Serious Sellers Podcast; Director of Training & Chief Evangelist


Kol Yaakov Hall, 1703 McDonald Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11230, USA
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