Event description

At Global Sources Summit, you will learn about the sourcing and e-commerce trends that will shape your business tomorrow.

These are CHALLENGES that you must be ready for and OPPORTUNITIES you ought to leverage.

You will learn from Amazon and e-commerce leaders who are in the trenches and have a finger on the pulse of the industry,

E-commerce is fast-evolving and in order to stay competitive and profitable, you must stay ahead of the curve.

The insights, information and stratgies you’ll get at Global Sources Summit will help you prepare your business for tomorrow…today.

Topic highlights:

  • Important e-commerce trends you need to be prepared for
  • How will sourcing change in the coming 12 months
  • How to leverage TikTok for e-commerce
  • Creating a 6-star experience for your customers
  • Social media strategies for your e-commerce brands so you can build loyal engaged audiences
  • Expanding to in-store retailers
  • Product development strategies from the experts
  • Amazon product research in 2022
  • Inventory & logistics trends in coming months

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Tim Jordan

  • Hickory Flats & Private Label Legion
  • CEO & Founder

Kevin King

  • Freedom Ticket and Helium 10 Elite Masterminds
  • Amazon Seller Mentor

Steven Selikoff

  • The Canton Fair Experience
  • Serial Entrepreneur; Author; Founder