Sacha Gorelik

Sacha Gorelik is on a mission to optimize your Amazon store!

Your listings, storefront and web pages are the 24/7 salesman of your business. If they don’t say the right things, your potential customer is not going to stay. They just might get distracted, eat some cookies, check their Facebook, or pick up a crying baby.

Sacha’s career in product copywriting started in 2011. She started writing for e-commerce stores such as Walmart, Overstock and of course Amazon. In 2015 she began focusing solely on Amazon and has written about almost every product on the planet! Including dog frisbees, torque socket wrenches, muffin cups, lingerie, exercise cards and anything else you can think

She believes the key to a successful listing is the combination of high converting keywords together with irresistible copy. Connecting with customers, and solving their problems is the number 1 way to increase those sales!

Sacha has previously been a guest speaker on the Amazon Seller Summit of 2018.

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