Event description

The AMZcare is Germany’s first Amazon Charity Conference.

On this special day, the goal is to collect at least € 50,000 in donations and to donate to the German Childhood Cancer Aid (20%) and the Ronald McDonald Haus Sankt Augustin (80%).

At full capacity, we expect to receive € 45,000 in donations and € 4,350 in revenue through the overhead lump sum, as well as another € 10,000 in donations through the evening auction. The running costs of the conference amount to approximately 23,000 €, these are to be borne exclusively by sponsors & the expense allowance. The current sponsors revenue is € 8,000. If a revenue surplus with the sponsors are achieved, this is also 100% donated.

All donations are directly transferred by the participants to the respective foundation.

We, the Patrick Kriebel Social Media Performance Agency, do not make a profit on this event. Every euro surplus is donated to 100%.

Archived landing page: http://archive.is/StxNQ


Franz Jordan

  • Sellics & Marketplace Analytics GmbH
  • Founder & CEO


The Ronald McDonald House, Sankt Augustin, Germany
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