Event description

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Do you want to drive more traffic and convert more sales (on and off Amazon)?

Industry-leading experts will teach you proven strategies and tactics to drive more traffic and convert more sales while scaling your business to new heights…

What You’ll Learn:

  • More Sales. Lower Costs. Optimize campaigns to prevent throwing away money on ads that are not converting.
  • Increase Conversions. Discover ways to increase your conversions to make more sales.
  • Time Saving Tips. Your time is money. Learn how to save time on optimizing your campaigns.
  • Scale Up Your Business. Watch your profits grow as your ad budget is better spent.
  • Build Your Presence. Build your brand presence to attract your ideal customers (on and off Amazon).
  • Drive More Traffic. Learn underutilized ways to profitably drive more traffic to your listings.

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Amy Wees

  • Amazing at Home, Listing Optimization Queen
  • CEO

Tim Jordan

  • Hickory Flats & Private Label Legion
  • CEO & Founder