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Learn from self-made millionaire Seth Kniep and 20+ Amazon tycoons

A self-made millionaire, Seth Kniep teaches others how to make their money work for them so they have the freedom to do what they love with whom they love. Seth toiled away in the corporate tech world until he discovered that selling on Amazon could be his path to firing his boss for good and gaining financial independence. Seth discovered that his passion was in teaching people the strategies he used to achieve his dream. He has amassed a dedicated following in a short period of time due to his integrity and invaluable guidance to his members.


Scott Galvao

  • InterCultural Elements
  • Founder and Managing Director

Tim Jordan

  • Hickory Flats & Private Label Legion
  • CEO & Founder

Andy Slamans

  • Amazing Freedom
  • Ecommerce Brand Owner, Founder & Partner

Tyler Henderson

  • Seller Labs
  • E-commerce Marketer, Speaker & Amazon Marketing Strategist

Barbara Boschen

  • CoMerchant, Jet & Walmart Marketplaces
  • Co-Founder, Listing & Fulfillment Tool

Ashlin Hadden

  • Ashlin Hadden Insurance
  • eCommerce Insurance Specialist


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