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What’s The Cross Border Summit Event?

The Cross Border Summit is a conference bringing together top e-commerce cross border business leaders from around the world to share expertise about business strategy, marketing, team building, and other strategies to stay ahead in today’s global world. While the internet and technology have done amazing things to improve society and business, it has sprouted competitors from around the globe. Keep on top of these trends by attending the Cross Border Summit!

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Paulina Masson

  • Shopkeeper (formerly AMZPing)
  • Founder & Amazon FBA Private Label Seller

William Lee

  • Maas Media Group
  • President, North America And Asia

Andy Lee

  • Fbaulous Training & Consultancy
  • CEO & Master Trainer

Nate Ginsburg

  • Sellerplex
  • Founder At Sellerplex, Partner At Amz Pathfinder, Partner At Sellerflows


Guangzhou, China
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